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Video survey: self-empowered consumers

Self empowered young people setting off on their travels

The client brief

Our client asked us to help them conduct research on self-empowered consumers. They feel that this is a category which has grown substantially in the past few years due to the impact of technology and the COVID-19 pandemic. They asked us to find respondents to create a series of videos to bring this research to life by explaining what has changed in their  lives in the last few years and how they might be feeling more empowered. They were specifically interested in self empowerment  related to shopping, banking and insurance, and  travel. We were asked to recruit five respondents in each of the USA, Brazil, France, Japan and South Africa. 

Number of profiles - 25
Research Audience - 
Research Industry Focus - 

Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

We needed to find respondents aged 22-60 who described  themselves as self-empowered in the client’s three focus areas (shopping, banking and insurance, and travel) . They needed  to come across well on film and have something interesting to say in their videos. FieldworkHub successfully recruited five profiles for each market, covering  a mix of age, gender and ethnicities.

The team did a great job, FieldworkHub were organised and provided excellent support and communication throughout.


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