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OBB: active mobile gamers, Japan, Korea

Japanese teenager with headphones plays mobile game

The client brief

We were asked to recruit 25-30 respondents in Japan and 25-30 in Korea for a 21-day Online Bulletin Board (OBB). Respondents needed to be Android users, and explore new apps and games on their phone frequently. Our client was also interested in a mix of people who played games on their phone versus those who do not, as well as people who spend money on mobile apps and games versus non-spenders.

Before starting with the online activities, respondents were asked to take part in a 20-minute Zoom interview so the client could explain the research process and how to use the online bulletin board. The 21-day diary period started after this initial entry interview was completed. Every time the respondent naturally were going to log onto the app store, they had to screen record and talk freely about their journey on the store. At the end of the 21 days, respondents were asked to participate in another 20 minute online Zoom interview, where they talked about their experience of, and feedback on, the Google Play store. 

Number of profiles - 67
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Research methodology

These are the methodologies FieldworkHub used during this research process to help our client achieve their desired results.

FieldworkHub delivers

FieldworkHub successfully recruited 67 respondents, exceeding the number of completes required by the client, despite the difficulty of finding respondents who could commit to this very lengthy project. FieldworkHub reminded respondents of their participation and kept them committed throughout the four weeks of the study.

More on FieldworkHub's top-tier recruitment strategies

I contacted FieldworkHub with a last-minute research request. I thought it would be tricky to pull off, but Philip and the team made it so easy. It was a pleasure to work with people who were clearly experts at what they do. Not only did they turn the whole project around super quickly, but they were responsive, helpful and gave very thoughtful suggestions when I asked for advice. The process was smooth and easy from the start.

Elizabeth Brooks

Brand ManagerInsureandGo


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