Young woman wearing virtual reality goggles and reaching out left hand in amazement
Multi-country research on virtual reality (VR) headsets in UK, France and Germany

We were asked to recruit respondents in the UK and 30 in each of France and Germany to provide feedback on VR headsets made by a leading brand. The […]

Young male paint finisher in overalls working on a red car door. The rest of the car is visible in the background
Tele-depth Interviews (TDIs) with professional paint sprayers in the UK and Ireland

We were asked to recruit a small number of professional paint sprayers and paint finishers working in the automotive and maritime industries in the UK and Ireland for 60-minute […]

Close up of room scent sticks in a pink glass bottle domestic setting
Customer videos on home fragrance products

A well-known FMCG company was carrying out research on air fresheners and home fragrance products. We recruited over 160 UK purchasers of these products to make a 5-minute smartphone […]

Petrol station at dusk with car visible on forecourt and shop at the rear
Multimodal research on purchasing habits in UK petrol stations

A well-established fuel retailer wanted to carry out 30-minute interviews which consisted of an initial eye-tracking activity and a follow up interview. Our work involved recruiting particular B2C profiles […]

Female university applicant seated across from interviewers and shaking hands as she completes an admissions interview
Remote user testing (UX) of new UK university application system for students

The University of Cambridge had created a new online application system for candidates wishing to study at Cambridge to use in the upcoming academic year. Our client wanted to […]

Close up of infusion pump with blurred image of nurse checking readings in the background
UK user testing of infusion pumps in hospital and home settings

A well-established healthcare company had created a new infusion pump used for blood transfusions in a hospital and home care setting. The pumps had already undergone extensive in-house trials […]

Happy female tourist showing her passport at airport check-in desk
UK user testing of online platform for business travel visas

A digital innovation agency had developed a new platform to simplify the process of applying for business travel visas. The new platform had already undergone extensive in-house trials but […]

Woman testing medical packaging at kitchen sink, viewed from behind
Ethnographic user testing in London on medical packaging

Our client, a US-based company that provides human factors engineering services and usability testing to medical device manufacturers, wanted to conduct a week of research in London which involved […]

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